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Blend Your HVAC Unit into Your Landscaping

landscape ac units

Despite how far they’ve come with efficiency and technology, style and design, HVAC units are often a necessary part of outdoor landscaping, and might benefit from a Halloween “costume” of their own.

There are many ways to blend your HVAC unit into your landscaping, to provide curb appeal without taking away from its performance and functionality.

Here are five ways you can design around your HVAC unit:

  • Plantings: Tall ornamental grasses, boxwood or laurel are some of nature’s natural fences and can provide a hideaway for HVAC units. Bob Vila shares several options for natural fencing including naming specific plants.
  • Hardscaping: While it won’t exactly camouflage HVAC units, using hardscaping like a small picket fence, lattice or a trellis is another option.
  • Containers: Containers with grasses or large, leafy plants provide another disguise, and with the added control of root growth.
  • Climbing plants: If using a trellis or lattice fence around your unit, you can add beauty and another layer of camouflage with a climbing plant. Gardens Illustrated offers advice on the 30 best climbing plants.
  • Seasonal “yard art”: Do you decorate outside around holidays? If so, that adds another way to hide your HVAC unit. You can go big with an inflatable jack o’lantern for Halloween, or less kitschy with stacked hay bales and a scarecrow that can take you through November.

Whichever idea appeals to you for blending your HVAC unit into your landscaping, be sure to keep at least a 2’ perimeter around it to alleviate any airflow obstruction and to allow room for your Drake technician to access it for maintenance.

While you may want to hide your HVAC unit, one thing we don’t hide is how well we take care of our Dayton-area customers. Take a look at our long list of customer reviews, then reach out to us at (937) 472-0640 and find out what other great ideas we have up our sleeve for your heating and cooling.

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