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Fiction vs. Fact: The Pumpkin Spice-Scented HVAC System

pumpkin spice

Whether you’re Team Pumpkin Spice or not, you’ve surely seen the memes and heard the jokes.

And while we’re fairly certain there’s no such thing as a pumpkin spice-scented HVAC system, we think there might be some other felonious falsehoods surrounding the heating and cooling industry that we thought we’d debunk for you.

Myth #1: You should close vents in unused rooms. It will save money by not heating (or cooling) a room that’s not being used.

Fact: Actually, the opposite is true. The same amount of air is being produced no matter how many vents are open. By closing vents, you could also be create air leaks, which can lead to your system needing to work harder, and operate inefficiently.

Myth #2: It’ll save more money to keep your home at the same temperature 24 hours/day, rather adjusting it at nighttime.

Fact: This is a perfect reason for homes to have a programmable thermostat. We recommend setting your temperature around ____ degrees in the summer, and ____ degrees in the winter. By maintaining an even temperature through the day and night, you’ll be using less energy than adjusting it often.

Myth #3: Space heaters can save money.

Fact: While portable space heaters are great at warming up a room that tends to run cooler than the rest of the house, the only way it will save you money is if you turn off the furnace while using the space heater – and that may not be practical in most situations. Always, keep safety in mind, and turn off space heaters when leaving the room.

Myth #4: “If it ain’t broken …” there’s no need for maintenance.

Fact: HVAC systems are much like your car – regular maintenance helps it to run efficiently, and can help prevent any potential problems. And, that’s a fact that we’re here to help you with!

Schedule your semiannual maintenance by calling Drake Heating & Air at (937) 472-0640 or contacting us online. We’ll help you de-bunk the myths so you can be better informed when it comes to your heating and cooling.

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