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Foresee the Benefits of our Maintenance Program

Technician at furnace

It’s a new year, and while you may be worried about paying off credit card bills that piled up from gift-giving last month, we have a way to help you save on your HVAC needs this upcoming year.

Imagine you just bought a new car. You would follow the scheduled maintenance visits to a T, would you not? You want to protect your investment in that vehicle, and you’ll have it serviced at the dealer for every mileage milestone your manual suggests.

The same is true for HVAC maintenance programs.

We’ll explain…

Sudden Service Membership Program

Drake Heating & Air customers who have enrolled in our Sudden Service Membership program know that their HVAC systems are well taken care of, all through the year.

Just like if you were to tackle an oil change on your brand new vehicle yourself – you may think you’re saving money, but in the long run you may be missing out on potential problems only diagnosed by a trained mechanic.

It’s the same concept with your heating and cooling system. Routine maintenance by a trained Drake technician will ensure your system will operate efficiently, and any possible problems will be foreseen and managed.

Drake Maintenance Program Benefits

The biggest benefit to our maintenance program is cost savings. Consistent visits by a Drake technician could mean you’re made aware of potential mechanical issues earlier on that can have a lower cost than waiting until there’s a major failure that can be very costly. We know the most common HVAC problems, and what you should and should not have to worry about.

With our Sudden Service Membership Program, our customers in the Dayton area receive:

  • Two tune-ups per year (one heating, one cooling)
  • Emergency service calls
  • Five-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Priority service over non-membership customers
  • Yearly reminders for scheduling your next visit

Added Benefits

Beyond the tangible benefit of cost savings, there’s also peace of mind with a maintenance program. Knowing your home will be comfortable all year long, you will have the best possible indoor air quality, and that the life of your HVAC system is in good hands…these are the perks it’s hard to put a value on.

Call Drake at (937) 472-0640 or contact us online to enroll in our Sudden Service Membership program, and your vision of 2020 will get a whole lot clearer!

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