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How to Tell if an HVAC Company is Worth its Salt

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You need a new furnace and air conditioner. Uhghhhhh.

There’s not a doubt in the world you do. How do you know? When you turn on either the heat or A/C, nothing…no fan, no hot, no cold. It’s a sure thing. It’s dead. And, five HVAC companies have told you so.

So now, you have to hire someone…some company. And you’re absolutely certain they are all out to get you. Like most, you’re the nervous type when contracting out home services. It’s no wonder. You hear stories, read these alarming reviews online, your neighbor repeats the story about how his new, $10,000 system shut down a month after it was installed, and the HVAC company was nowhere to be found. Bunch of crooks they all are!!! Okay. Wow. Take a chill. There’s a solution.

Call one of the HVAC companies that’s on your list and tell them you need a completely new system: furnace, A/C, thermostat…the whole shebang. They will come. For sure. No doubt.

So now, the company’s sales person has pulled up and is walking to the door. Let the games begin.

So, how will you know if an HVAC company is worth its salt?

They will sit down and learn about your situation, inspect your current system and then sit down with you again (the better companies want all the decision makers at the table) to describe what they’ve found and some potential solutions.

Additionally, they will also give you a decent account of who they are and their history. They will ask about budget considerations, how many people live in the home, lifestyle, if someone has allergies or asthma, if there are pets, if there are plans to expand the size of the home any time soon, and more.

You know, actually ‘learn by listening’ to help them provide a real solution, based on facts.

Did they discuss the following?

Were they ____?

You now have some way to gauge what you are looking for. A reputable company that asks, listens, listens some more, and looks, acts and lives the part of what HVAC professionals should be.

You’ll be able to tell.

Drake Heating & Air provides reliable heating and air services to residents throughout Dayton. Our factory-trained technicians have 25+ years of experience. Call us at (937) 472-0640 or schedule an appointment online.

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Read Our Reviews!

Dave McPike
Dave McPike
13:12 25 Feb 21
Always reliable, professional, and great communication. Highly recommend. Also had them return for duct cleaning. Tommy and John did a very thorough job.
Melissa Laux
Melissa Laux
20:24 24 Feb 21
Great experience. Mike was very polite and professional.
James Hinkle
James Hinkle
02:05 24 Feb 21
They renovated the utility space by removing a soft water conditioner, a hot water heater, replaced a humidifier, installed an on- the- wall water heater, a UV light to disinfect the furnace air flow, and a digital humidity controller. They replaced all the old water valves with more modern ones and rearranged the piping and ductwork in the space.
Google Rating
Based on 518 reviews
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