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Retrofitted HVAC Systems: What you need to know


Sometimes, you “just can’t help falling in love” with an older house. And with it, often comes older appliances – including the HVAC system.

Your new-to-you home may have passed inspection with flying colors, but sooner or later those old parts will need significant repair or replacement.

Or, you can chuck the whole lot for an entirely new system.

Which is your best option? This is where HVAC system retrofitting comes in.

What is retrofitting?

Unlike having to shop for a new heating and cooling system, retrofitting means updating parts from within an older system so they are new, more contemporary, smaller and more efficient.

In the past, this meant moving ductwork and even cutting holes into floors and walls to accommodate.

But technology has changed in the heating and cooling industry, and there are many ways industry professionals like Drake Heating & Air can retrofit a system with much less invasiveness to the structure of a home, and with much less cost.

One example is a ductless mini-split system with essentially two parts: an indoor air handling unit, and an outside condenser. The indoor unit is mounted to the wall or ceiling, with a refrigerant line connecting it to the outside condenser.

You can read more about ductless mini-split systems from this Family Handyman article.

How will retrofitting save money?

Retrofitting your HVAC system will save money over buying an entirely new system because there are fewer parts and less installation labor. And, retrofitting will most definitely save you money over keeping your existing system and bandaging its broken wounds through the years.

Most important in factoring the value vs. cost for retrofitting is the energy savings. In the case for a ductless mini-split system, because it’s ductless you’re not losing conditioned air like you do in typical duct systems…which can be as much as 30 percent.

When you’re ready to take the step toward retrofitting your older HVAC system, turn to the Dayton experts in heating and cooling and call Drake at (937) 472-0640 , or contact us online.

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