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Dayton Air Conditioner Installation

Upgrading Your Home's Cooling System

Are you interested in upgrading your existing AC or have you recently moved into a new home which does not have central AC? Whatever the case may be, the summers in Ohio are extremely hot and humid and having an efficient AC unit is essential to keeping your family comfortable.

If you are ready to install a new AC unit or upgrade your system, our team of specialists at Drake Heating & Air can help. We have been installing air conditioners and HVAC equipment in homes throughout Dayton for more than 25 years and can ensure your system is installed properly.

  • We may be able to offer you the installation of the following types of units
  • Split systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Package units
  • Mini split ductless

Why Install a New Air Conditioner?

Whether you have an AC system which is constantly breaking down or you simply want a cleaner, more efficient system, our Dayton AC installation crew can handle the job. Having no air conditioner in your home can be extremely uncomfortable, especially as it gets warmer. Our company handles the sale and installation of virtually every type of AC system, and we can help you make a selection if you are unsure which unit is right for you.

Advantages of New & Efficient AC Units

Installing a new AC can cut down on your monthly energy cost as newer units run more efficiently. Newer air conditioners also put out cleaner air, which can help you and your family breathe easier without all of the allergens in the air. Our experienced Dayton AC installation technicians can get a new unit installed in your home in a rapid manner to increase your family's comfort.

We would be happy to offer you a free estimate on new equipment.
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