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The Fountain of Youth



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It’s summer. It’s hotter than hades. You’ve waited for a couple of years. But today, you can’t stand it any longer. The temperature in your home is 10 degrees above pitting out, thanks to an air conditioner that is close to retirement age. What to do? Who to call?

Some ideas to consider as you attempt to avoid the madness of hiring an HVAC company and driving yourself nuts wondering who to trust…

Referral and references:
Knock on the neighbors’ doors and ask for a reference. If you wonder whether or not your neighbor is a nut case, then don’t do this. If you didn’t bring a dish to the street party…wow, good luck with that.

References? Ok, but no HVAC company is going to give you a customer’s contact information who swears they were tricked, paid too much or claimed the service was pitiful. Just sayin’…

What HVAC company has been to your house previously? Did they do good work and solve your HVAC issue(s)? Then for Pete’s sake, call ‘em back. Problem solved. If the tech tracked mud into your home, left the furnace panel off after the repair, scared your kid, screamed at your cat, had to come back five times, or was on his phone placing bets in Vegas or solving issues with a family member…need we say more?!

See an HVAC truck in the cul-de-sac? Run out and flag ‘em down and plead for mercy. If a strange smell emitting from the truck is suspect, then maybe think twice. You make the call.

Junk drawer:
Look in your coupon/junk/home drawer. You have one, right? We all do. Check out the coupons in Valpak, Reach Magazine, Clipper, Valassis, and SaveOn. You know, the ones in all of those shared mailers and direct mail pieces that clutter your mailbox. Surely there’s an offer that is appealing. Hell, that’s why you saved them. Odds are, if you have multiple coupons from the same HVAC company, that company is probably a decent bet to call. If the coupon has FREE on it, all over it…to the point you can’t even make out the offer, use that thing between your ears!

Phone book:
Really, you have a phone book? (Believe it or not, some people still source HVAC companies via the yellow pages. Insane right?! If that person is you, maybe just keep it to yourself. )

Angie’s List. Home Advisor. Yelp! BBB. Google Reviews. There’s a ton of ‘em. And it’s hard to say if what you see (reviews) is what you get. One bad review and the HVAC company looks bad. A couple of great ones, they look better. Best bet is to simply see if they are on more than one of these online services. If they are, at least they know how to market themselves. From there it’s up to you.

If you note that a particular HVAC company is advertising in many types of media, and you note that they service the area where you live, most times they are worthy of your consideration. Of course, they could also be horrible at managing their advertising efforts. Or, they inherited their parent’s HVAC company and have no appreciation for spending wisely. Hey! It’s out there!

A bit deeper into the search but try if you will to determine if the company is licensed and its techs certified. It matters. If it didn’t, many organizations such as the U.S. EPA wouldn’t care. And they do…big time!

Warranties and guarantees:
They are absolutely critical, and confusing to be sure. But like any expensive purchase, you gotta dig in. It’s your money. Make sure what you’re buying is protected. HVAC equipment has moving parts. Moving parts break and need fixed or replaced.

Common sense:
Of the many helpful hints above, pick the ones that you can or will follow through on. Take a breath and make a decision. The world’s pretty small thanks to social media, so odds are you will make a great decision.

And by the way…at the next neighborhood party, bring your fair share of food and drink. Nobody likes a neighbor who’s a freeloader.

Let the madness begin!

The end.

Drake Heating & Air provides reliable heating and air services to residents throughout Dayton. Our factory-trained technicians have 25+ years of experience. Call us at (937) 472-0640 or schedule an appointment online.

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James Hinkle
James Hinkle
02:05 24 Feb 21
They renovated the utility space by removing a soft water conditioner, a hot water heater, replaced a humidifier, installed an on- the- wall water heater, a UV light to disinfect the furnace air flow, and a digital humidity controller. They replaced all the old water valves with more modern ones and rearranged the piping and ductwork in the space.
Melissa Laux
Melissa Laux
18:32 18 Feb 21
Great experience. Dusty was very polite and professional. She took the time to make sure everything was clean and working correctly
Dave McPike
Dave McPike
16:51 18 Feb 21
Always reliable, professional, and great communication. Highly recommend.
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